Lead Generation for Marketing.

May 12th, 2022, by My Millionaire Legacy

Lead generation for marketing is one of the biggest and best keys to success in online business. It gives you long-term and quality customers.

Here I will go over what is lead generation and how you can implement a strategy that will work for your marketing or any other businesses.

But first let me define what lead generation is so you have a better understanding what it means.

What is Lead Generation?

To answer this I have taken the definition from Wikipedia and:

According to Wikipedia:

“Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be generated for purposes such as list building, a newsletter list or for sales leads.”

Now that we have a definition of what lead generation is, it will be easier to implement a strategy, because picking a strategy that works best for you to generate leads in your business or marketing campaign will be very beneficial.

Where to Start?

It is quite easy to get started with generating leads. All you need is a way start interacting with your potential customers. This can be achieved by joining a Facebook group, or blog.

First you will want to offer value to whichever group you are apart of and start building your rapport. You can do this by offering help to others, or sharing articles and videos.

Because once you have a good rapport you can then start sharing your sales offer, your products or affiliate links. And that will get you quality leads because you have already established yourself as someone that offers value.

This way will also help you find what problems you can provide solutions for. Find a need and fill it with your offers, blogs, videos or products.

Keep in mind that you want to make sure your sales offers or links are giving your customers the same or greater value that you have already been giving. You don’t want to do this to try and get a lot of quick sales or one-time customers. This method is to get you the long term and repeat customers to whatever it is you are offering.

Paid Lead Generation.

Along with organic leads, another great way to get leads is by paying for them. Paid leads are leads that come from ads or solo ads.

These will get potential customers to you when they search a certain keyword or phrase, by seeing an ad on an internet search, website/blog or in their email.

You can get paid ads on every platform out there. Therefore, deciding where to place your ad is entirely up to you. These platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Bing, Google and so many more.

Solo ads are used when you have your ad sent to someone else’s list. These lists include an email list of subscribers that are interested in the same Niche that you are marketing too. This method can get you quality leads in your niche. You just have to make sure you pick someone in your niche that has good ratings and conversions.

If you want to find people to run a solo ad with I suggest you check out Udimi. They have a great selection of people in all kinds of niches.

Paid leads are a great way to get your offer to more people without having to build an initial rapport with them. There is a downside to ad leads though. That is with an ad lead, you don’t know the type of lead you are getting, so you will have to build a relationship with them through daily emails and show them that you are giving them value.

To know how to send emails to leads check out my article about email automation!

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Helpful Strategies.

To be successful in gaining leads, you will need to have a strategy on how you will want to attract them.

I highly suggest you write down how you want to do it on a whiteboard, notepad, or in your to do list. This will help you visualize how you will do it and let you change it without having to do a lot of re-work.

First you will need to figure out what type of lead generation you want to do. Will it be organic, like Facebook groups, or do you want to run ads or solo ads? And yes, YOU can do all of it!

Secondly you should write down why you want to generate leads, and what kind of value you want to bring to them. This is a very powerful technique the help you get quality leads in your niche.

Organic Leads.

If you decide to do organic leads, like Facebook groups, blogging, YouTube etc. Then get to work on building your rapport. Consistency is the key here, the more you engage, post, share and offer value in your niche. The better your results will be.

Paid Leads.

If you want to go the paid route. I would suggest to start with Bing ads, ( Microsoft Advertising), they are less restrictive then Google and Facebook with keywords and what you can put in your ad. This makes it easier to learn how to run ads without concern of your ads account being locked. They also offer a lot of helpful articles on how to run successful ads on Bing.

For solo ads I suggest you check out Udimi. They let you select from thousands of people that can run your solo ad to their email lists in your niche.

And finally, I highly suggest you use an email autoresponder to send campaigns or broadcasts to your new leads. This will make it easier to follow up with them and send them content or offers that will bring value to their business and life.

Summary of Lead Generation.

In conclusion, I want to go over some key things that we just went over to help make sure you didn’t miss anything.

First decide on how you want to get your leads. Do you want to do it organically, through ads or both.

Secondly write your strategy out. This will help you visualize your strategy and map out how you can get the best results. Additionally, it will let you adjust your strategy before implementing it.

Finally you will want to have an email autoresponder for your leads. It doesn’t matter what type of marketing, or online business you are doing an email auto responder will make life much easier when you need to follow up with your leads or send them new content and offers.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found this helpful in understanding lead generation, and now you can start utilizing this powerful tool of lead generation for your marketing or online business!